Posada Los Roques - Posada Movida welcomes you to the Caribbean!

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Activities in Los Roques

In Los Roques you can do many activities. The park is famous for immersions, kite surfing and the sport fishing.


In order to realize the immersions there are three diving centers that they have the same rates:

  • 95 dollars for two immersions a day with all the equipment

They are offers for who wants to dive many days.

Windsurf and kite surf

To practice kite surfLos Roques is the ideal place because there are always constant winds.

In every island it is possible to practice the kite and there is a "Sail" center where you can havelessons and rent the equipments for kite and wind surf.


In Los Roques it is possible to practice two types of sport fishing:

  • Fly fishing is can be done by the "flat" where you can find Bone Fish and Tarpon. Local guides garantee 15 bonefish a day.
  • Trolling is practicated near the big barrier where you can catch big barracudes, wahoos, snappers, tunas and sail fish.

In both cases you have to rent a boat with a local guide.